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Print On Demand Specialist


Mypop offers comprehensive POD solutions for blank products, consumables, printing equipment, software, and print services for the entire print-on-demand(POD) business.


We are producing POD solutions based on the advantages of East Asia market which is one of the biggest in the world and Korea which can make good use of FTA with major countries in the world such as Europe and USA. By utilizing global sourcing network such as India, Bangladesh and Indonesia we are also producing cost-effective POD textile products.


We have a specialized research and development team with more than ten years of experience in material development. By directly designing and managing all production processes through our own technology development, we are able to offer products with optimal quality at competitive prices.

The main difference between Mypop and other companies is that we have a strong understanding of material development technology, all production processes, and a database of global production bases. You can purchase high-quality products at reasonable prices while reducing the cost and time required for product development and production management.


In addition to providing print solutions to customers in North America and Europe, we have established our own printing line to support the consignment production of finished products to customers who want to enter the East Asian market such as Korea, China and Japan.

We also provide a comprehensive support service that is responsible for fast and accurate delivery from stable product production by utilizing fast and low-cost transportation network.


Moreover, we offer appropriate financial services tailored to the customer's credit rating to minimize the customer's burden of quality uncertainty and risk of shipping problems in overseas production.

This is possible because of the confidence in quality, stable funding, and strong trust with customers.

MyPop is doing its best to offer new alternatives beyond analyzing and solving problems faced by customers from the customer's perspective.


Countries made FTA with Korea

South Korea has carried out FTA with the largest number of countries in the world. As the center of global trade, Korea is also an industrial country with the world's highest manufacturing base with the huge consumer market of China and Japan near.

At the same time, national support policies and financial services that encourage exports are strong competitive forces that distinguish them

from other industrialized countries.

MyPop is committed to maximizing the benefits of its customers and maximizing the efficiency of their business by leveraging these benefits

as effectively as possible.


• FTA partner countries – USA, China, EU, India, Vietnam, Chile, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines,, Thailand, Peru, Turkey, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama

• Korea's national credit rating is AA, which is the same rank as UK and France.

Unlike developing countries, which only offer low prices, a credit-worthy commerce culture and a steadily growing and stable national economy are important factors in selecting a foreign partner.

MyPop provides high quality products in a stable manner and financial services based on customer trust.


Smooth communication is an important factor not only in efficiently cooperating with customers but also actively coping with rapidly changing business environment.

Korea is highly educated-country. My Pop's talented employees also have a high level of academic ability, excellent foreign language skills and communication skills.


Northeast Asia - Korea, China and Japan are the largest consumer markets in the world. Online sites can be serviced anywhere in the world without national boundaries, but The POD must provide online service where the manufacturing facility is located in order to be competitive in the delivery service. With MyPop's manufacturing and logistics infrastructure, you can ship to consumers in Korea, China, and Japan within 1-3 days of receiving your order.

It is easy to enter the Northeast Asian market without investing in manufacturing and operating infrastructure with large capital.


  Seoul head office / Fulfillment center / R&D center

  3F, 26, Dongil-ro 193ga-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea

  Phone: +82-2-949-7208


Europe sales office   

Kamerunstraße 26, Jesteburg, Germany

Phone: +49-176-70 22 94 99


  China office

  B-721, Hongjing Lu 288, Minhang Qu, Shanghai, China


Bangladesh office   

#19, Road#03, South Khulshi, Chittagong, Bangadesh  


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