We are quickly responding to major models of Apple, Samsung, and LG by securing modeling data for new models.

It is made by product design, material selection and special coating processing technology optimized for 3D sublimation transfer, to realize the best color and minimize defects due to product deformation.

We use high quality and proven materials and strictly manage quality, so we can supply stable quality products continuously.

The mobile case is a 0% or very low level of tariff by FTAs ​​with major countries in the US, Europe and the world.

MyPop is a certified exporter company that helps you reduce the cost of goods and prices, as well as transportation and customs fees.

Protective goggle
Face shield
Virus protection
Slim OTG/USB card for flatbed print
Snap case
Ultra slim snap case made with polycarbonate
Tough case
Polycarbonate phone cases with Silicon/TPU insert for best protection
Slide case
Rugged PC+TPU phone cases with card holder under sliding PC cover
Clear case
TPU clear case for UV flatbed print
Pop Button
Pop up button for smartphone grip and stand
Aluminum photo panel
Ultra slim and light weight high definition printable photo panel
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Mypop's Textile Business Division produces globally sophisticated sewing products by using large-scale sewing lines around the world, leveraging the technology and global network secured through collaboration with world-class global brands.

In addition, a large number of Mypop textile experts have designed and managed all production processes from yarn, weaving (knitting), dyeing, finishing, sewing to building a vertical production system.

Facial mask
Facial mask complies with KF94/FFP2/N95
Dental mask
Dental mask BFE99
Cotton mask
Comfort breathing
Protective cloth
Virus protective
Cotton T-shirts
Cotton T-shirt for DTG print
Fleece or Velour blanket for dye sublimation print.
Beach towel, Sports towel for dye sublimation print.
Tote Bag
Cotton tote bag for DTG print.
Sneakers or sports shoes for 3D dye sublimation print.
Trucker cap for dye sublimation print.
Socks for dye sublimation print.
Pet/Door mat for dye sublimation print.
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We supply important consumables for 3D/Flatbed dye sublimation print  and DTG print.

Quality stability of our consumables allows printers work more efficiency and save production cost.

Virus test kit
Influenza / Corona Virus
Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer with dispenser
Contact/Non-contact type
3D Sublimation film
White semi transparent 3D dye sublimation film.
Aluminum Jig
Durable aluminum jig for 3D dye sublimation press.
Dye sublimation ink
Dye sublimation ink compatible for 3D sublimation films.
Pre-treatment chemical for DTG.
Pigment ink for DTG printing.
Laser transfer paper
Transfer paper for laser print.
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We supply high quality, high speed 3 bed DTG printer made in South Korea has higher production efficiency than conventional single bed printers, along with ultra high resolution print quality.

Durability, easy maintenance along with reasonable prices is the advantage of our equipments.

Mask machine
More than 80pcs output per minute
3 Bed DTG printer
The most efficient DTG printer ever.
Flatbed printer
UV/Solvent flatbed printer
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Aluminum photo panel

Ultra slim and light weight high definition printable photo panel